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Executing ones own daughters and grand-daughters, publicly and by the sword, commonly requiring several attempts, is not alien to the House of Saud Royalty.

The former King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, ruled through decades of human depravity which, had it not been for oil, would most certainly have resulted in the country being isolated in the world.

Indeed, why would Iran, Lybia and North Korea to mention but 3, be punished by economic sanctions when none have caused as much suffering, acts of terror and human rights abuse as have the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Not only was the King, and his successors no different, a ‘monster’ with his own female members of the familly, according to those interviewed sectertly, but the entire family have alledgedly been hand in glove with Osama Bin Laden from the outset of forming the Al-Qaeda organisation, and subsequent allegations of their direct involvement with 9/11. Accusations and allegations that just will not go away, and following official reports, have apparently been found guilty beyond question.

The Royals also have been accused of indirect involvement with Isis / Isil / Islamic State, Accusations which are built upon the very notion that the terror groups was a child of the Saudi Royals themselves.

The Saudi family have been called animals, degenerates, terrorists, barbaric and many more of the same vein, by fellow Arabs and Muslims. At the same time foreign nations talk of Saudi Arabia and the Royals as an ‘example of Islamic harmony with the West’ !  Could that be because of the BILLIONS spent in trade with them?

We have hundred of diplomatic coms between nations showing their true opinion of the Oil Nation, and MANY more diplomatic and secret reports and letters to highlight just how governments really see Saudi Arabia.

Ironically, countries such as Iran, Syria and Libya, have vastly better human rights and freedoms than Saudi Arabia, yet denigrated and isolated diplomatically and economically.

Nobody is in any doubts over the effects that oil and vast trade and military deals has on morality. Any other country with the deplorable record held by Saudi Arabia, would be sidelined and embargoes set at all borders.

We look forward to publishing a mass of files which have been gathered, dating from 1978 and showing a steady march by the Saudi rulers to this point. There are videos covering the Princess execution which still horrifies Europeans, and we believe that the links being made between recent Europe bombings and Saudi via a proxy Syria source, will be interesting reading for all.

Daily News press

There comes a time when morality must stand ahead of the dollar.  We are threatened - We are hacked - We are under attack electronically ........ We shall not stop however at exposing exactly what damage such “royals” are doing to Islam which is now “no more than a Death Cult”  As one Imam in Europe said.

Thank you all for your support. There are many powerful people wishing to stop us from causing ‘upset’. We shall now be exposing QATAR, almost worse that Saudi Arabia.

We have just started….Don’t allow the enemies of freedom to stop us!



Prince Charles clearly sees nothing wrong with a ’love-in’ with his buddy!!!!

Does Prince Charles care that his buddy

•Beheads by the hundred?

•Executes his own family members?

•Seek to destroy ALL Christians?

And has been accused of being at the heart of 9/11 as well as creating the ISIS / ISIL horror movement?


YOU owe your ‘job’ to public support...remember!






When this King died, a monster by all accounts even from members of his own family.

The absurd show off affection from elected leaders around the world, became ridiculous.









Regardless of which ruling party is in the White House, Money comes first, second, third and fourth.

Human rights, Civilised behaviour and Morality have no place when Oil and Military trade are concerned.

As if Saudi prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud did not have a hard enough life trying to fill his time amid the untold wealth and luxuries, he now has to deal with trying to get away after raping and killing a 25 year old woman in Samer, a Jeddah suburb.

As jafrianews reported;

The story began when the witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw that a 25-year old girl was dropped out of a GMC automobile and the car drives away, evening May 30. People witnessing the event immediately wrapped the girl in a blanket and contact the police.

After police arrived, preliminary investigation indicated that the girl had died. GMC plate number fed into the automobile surveillance system of traffic police and it revealed that it belonged to a Saudi prince.

Then, extensive investigation was launched, with the initial result that the prince was no other person than Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who, met the girl in Wednesday evening in famous Al-Tuhayat shopping mall. The girl defied the prince.

Then, the girl was kidnapped by complicity of Tariq al-Maqrebi, an associate of the prince’s, and transferred to an unknown place, where she was sexually harassed.

The girl’s attempt to escape led to physical grapple between them, and finally to death of the girl. Saudi prince stripped the girl and dropped her out of his car.

This is not the first incident in Saudi Arabia and neither the Last , but due to the Press censorship and Ban on the Human Rights Associations in the Land the Wahhabi Monarchs such news are forbidden and are rarely in the local Media, Only the Free Social and the Independent Media gives coverage to such Mis Deeds of these Canibals

These Wahhabi Monarchs who are defacing Islam and are trying to claim the Leadership of the Muslim World, But actually are leading the Pro Israel Zionist Lobby of the Arab Dictators, who happen to be the Rulers of the Muslim Majority Nations, as they were Infested by the Earlier British and the Western Empires, as these British and the Western Rulers have to leave these Nations due to the Uproar in the Muslim World.

So they handed over their rule to the Most Corrupt Persons , who were ready to do any thing for their Masters, which they have Proved till Now as they have Looted the Wealth of these Nations and at Present They Are giving a Bad Name to the Muslims by on one side creating Mercenaries in the Name of Jihadi who are Beheading none other than the Muslims around the World and, and on the other Hand These Monarch are fanning sectarianism and are perfect example of Injutice, as the People of these Nation suffers, while they enjoy all the Luxuries at the cost of the Citizens of these Nations, who are Living Below the Proverty line.




Prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.  Rapist - Murderer


“The body of the 25 year old was dumped from the car like a sack of garbage”

Saudi prince Rapes, Murders then dumps the body of his victim as “garbage”

Saudi to Qatar, Turkey to Pakistan. The super rich live their lives free of Islam or any basic rules of behaviour