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Is the Armenian Genocide, in which one and a half million Armenians were slaughtered, from a estimated two million citizens in total, the responsibility of the Turks, who deny the very happening of the genocide, or held firmly under the heading of Ottomans?

The people are one and the same, often described as ‘Blood Thirsty’, commonly as ‘Barbaric’, yet they do like to play the name game as though it actually makes any difference to the living relatives or historians.

The Armenians had been living in the region known as Anatolia for a recorded 3,000 years, possibly far longer but without it having been recorded in stone.

AnatoliaArmenia was one of, if not ‘The First’ country to call themselves Christians, indeed, just look at the partition of Old Jerusalem into quarters, of which one to this day remains ‘Armenian’.

Armenia as a country is seldom shown with clarity of borders since that region had for thousands of years been part of the battle-front from the Hittites to the Persians and to the Romans. Especially as it was the pathway for many infantry support forces.

Kurdish tribes also played a role in the genocide as a ‘tool’ used by the Ottomans to carry out the killings. Some modern-day Kurds and political parties including HDP, KDP, and PKK, acknowledge the killings and have apologized in the name of their ancestors for the killings.


The Anatolia borders of the pre Islam invasion.

This map shows clearly just how far the population of the Armenians were spread.

From the 1st century covering Syria, Iraq and Iran, to the small state without coastline of today.

The spread of Armenians had covered large parts of the country which became under Ottoman rule, an Islamic caliphate whose administration is being mirrored by the ISIS / DAESH / ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terror group functioning across Iraq and Syria with the support of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The Armenia level of occupation through the ages


:::and Obama flinches!

It was almost forgotten by the outside world, yet the reminder came as the world looks on in horror and dismay, that in the 21st century there can still exists such barbaric atrocities being committed against Christian minorities by the Islamic State—the self-proclaimed new “caliphate”.

It comes as a reminder for the Genocide of Armenian as well as other Christian minorities by Turkey’s Islamic Ottoman Empire—the last caliphate.

It is also somewhat of an ironic reminder, as the Ottoman empire was Turkish for all intent, the difference of dog and bitch, yet the same beast!

Even before Recep Tayyip Erdogan became President, leading his own party, his extremist Islamic background was being highlighted as a danger, to say the least. However, the persausive ‘con-man’ was able to convince not only his electorate, but the rest of Europe, that he had ‘changed’, and could be trusted as a partner in NATO. He no longer held his Neo-Ottoman beliefs....apparently!

Could this change of philosophy have anything to do with 2 basic factors?

• Saudi Arabia shares his Sunni Muslim following.

• As a NATO member he has airfields required for bombing Iraq and Afghanistan

These 2 basic factors open up like Pandora’s box.

The NATO membership alone allows him to flex his ego and demand anything from Fighter jets to guided missiles and treatment as an ‘elite’ member. Whilst his ‘almost’ neighbour of Saudi Arabia is separated only by the centuries long enemy of Syria, and shares not only the same Whahhabi faction of Sunni Islam, but now presents his with a money making scheme which in any other field would be called a scam!

• Saudi Arabia is known to have been behind the formation and development of what is commonly known as ISLAMIC STATE / ISIS. Their denials are as accepted as were their denials of involvement with the 9/11 attacks.

Islamic State steal oil from Iraq and Syria worth several million dollars each month. Crude oil is then transported by convoys of tankers to the Turkish border, with 3,000 vehicle convoys filmed all heading to Turkey. Turkey denies the entire accusations despite satellite and aerial imagery backing up the claims.

To manage such a vast enterprise, managing to disperse the crude oil into the everyday trade from Turkish ports, requires the direct and tight control by Erdogan. However, it is known that his entire family are involved to the extent that his son, who has developed a shipping company, has just bought a $35,000,000, THIRTY FIVE MILLION dollar oil tanker. Of course any cynic would suggest that such a vast sea going oil tanker, would be perfect to sell on any stolen crude oil from ISLAMIC STATE..

The scam of forming a gang (Islamic State) whose sideline will be to steal oil and sell it to your new friend, who then supports you in any criminality you may undertake in neighbouring countries….such as Yemen, is pretty smart. Furthermore, when you sell oil to the world, which they desperately need, they will never publicly condemn you, whatever you do.

So sad, that in the 21st century, with all the funds and capabilities at our fingers, all we are doing is killing in the name of Islam as we did 100 years ago when trying to wipe out the Christian Armenia, and as we have done every year since those times and indeed in the 1200 years prior!  We cannot say that they were not Muslim simply because we don’t approve, just as we cannot say that Saudi Arabia is not Muslim because of their truly barbaric behaviour.

The saddest of all however, is that the United Kingdom and Europe are doing nothing to prevent either Turkey or Saudi Arabia in their rampaging across the rights of humanity.

America never has been a protector and defender of rights, and have always backed the side of money, just look at 9/11, South America, Shah of Persia, Philippines etc etc. Money has always come first, second third and fourth.

Yet Europe has always been different, not obsessed in claiming to lead the world, but certainly showing the way forward.

Erdogan and his family and cronies, are running roughshod across all that is held as just and fair. Genocides are nothing to them apart from history, does anyone believe that millions in stolen oil from a terror group is any different? Why? They do after all hold the same beliefs.

Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY Armenian_genocide_torture_by_TURKEY

Starvation - Hanging - Crucifixion - Shooting - Burning

 Beheading and placing head on Spike

Beating - Torture - Suffocation


These and other methods used against the Christian Armenians with public audiences all

 justified in the name of Islam. 100 years ago


The Gang of 2. Saudi King and President Erdogan

Money-Oil-Weapons-Killing-Terrorism (friends with interests)

Turkey says this never happened!

But then they also say they don’t buy Islamic State oil or trade them weapons and supplies!

A common method of extermination was to deport Armenians to open areas where there was no shelter from the blazing desert heat or food for anyone. The thousands killed in such a manner are not termed as victims of any military action.

Headline of New York Times, December 15, 1915

Headline of New York Times December 15, 1915

Report from a German missionary on the massacre of Armenians from Erzerum, 31 July 1915

Telegram sent by Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. to the State Department on 16 July 1915 describing the killings of Armenians as a campaign of race extermination.

Telegram sent by Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. to the State Department on 16 July 1915 describing the killings of Armenians as a campaign of race extermination.

Just a few images have been published below as there is no reason to show the depravity of the Turks in killing Armenian children, women and men. The below gives a coverage of treatments that occurred.


Armenia_genocideCountries which say IT WAS Genocide

Of 2,000,000 Armenians living in THEIR country for over 3,000 years. 2,500 longer than the Turkish origins, 1,500,000 were killed by the TURKS who at the time were known as Ottomans.

The Armenians were one of the first Christian civilizations.

The Turks had them crucified, hung, skinned alive, beheaded and a thousand other methods of depravity.

Was this part of Islam’s shame or just of Turkish?