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The Crooked Erdogan Business of Cash

Political corruption is expected in Turkey, it’s the norm of all states which rely on using the facade of democratic elections to justify their continuance, regardless of how the elections were ‘rigged’  -

Erdogan has taken this to new depths, the people being blinded to his criminality is a bonus. Those that refuse to accept his word that black is really white and water is dry, end up in prisons by the hundreds of thousands, including Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Priests, Police officers etc...

August 2016

International politics MUST be often reminded that a country - Nation - State, is free of their elected head.  The people are not the elected head and must not be wrpped with the same guilt of their acts.

The elected head is not the people, not the country, not the culture, not the history and not the future of those that elected them, but an admministrator of the country for the benefit of the people.

Welcome to Turkey:

Here lies a wonderful example of how quickly the advancement of a people can be struck down by one single elected leader.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has for over a decade as prime minsiter and now president, sought to gain increasing powers unto his office and control.

Two major investigations into corruption, where $Billions were involved, had been closed down by the very simple act of sacking the investigators and throwing threats into the lives of their successors.

To any outsider it remains impossible to understand how a people who have benefitted greatly through international trade and tourism, can allow such a man as Erdogan to conduct his corrupt personal trade without bringing him to book.

His incredibly naive and comical speaches and comments, would be just that, had they not been made with all sincerity. And history has shown that dismising what is termed ‘idiotic’, can result in devastation and suffering over years (Bush in Iraq).

Recep Tayyip Erdogan by all accounts, should be placed on a pedastool if he is not a corrupt and criminal politician in line with so many others around the world. With a $50,000 a year salary, he has managed to both run his personal household and increase that to where he and his son were legally taped talking of managing to 'zero' the 'problem', with only “30 MILLION” in Euros remaining to hide!  Indeed, most of that was taken care of by buying 8 luxury houses valued and receipted at over 14 million.  

What a genius he must be.  Or the ususal corrupt politician.

Erdogan has managed to achieve one goal however, to divert attention of the people.

He has been closing down what in Turkey was almost a free press, at least critical of the government for its failings, which is what all journalists are expected to do. But for Erdogan, this was an attack of Turkey itself, as he has attempted to align himself to the very existance of the republic itself, therby dragging to the forefront the patriotism which has but 2 sides, 'fore' or 'against'.

Not only having closed down more than 130 mainstream news outlets, he sent in a team of administrators to at least 2 media powerbases, removing the existing owners and management, and in one swoop taking complete control and ownership!  All in the name of Turkish democracy, which has long died in Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to think that winning an election, gives him any and all powers in the name of the people and in the name of democracy, a word which never leaves any of his speaches, but certainly needs explaining to him.

It was not so long ago that he said, or rather preached , that democracy is not wanted by Muslims - followed by how democracy is wanted by the people of Islamic countries - followed by how alien democracy is to the people - followed by how unneccesary it was to Muslims - followed by how it will never be chosen by Muslims - followed by how important it is for Muslims followed....get the picture?

Why is it that we Muslims, living by the faith as a guide, implementing it into our lives, are forever being mirrored as a faith by idiots and so called leaders, whether elected or appointed, who in the name of Islam do little but  denegrate the followers of Islam regardless of which branch? It is not the media nor non-believers, but those killing in the name and then threatening those that do not agree. These are the facts of Islam in 2016.

Such matters do not exist in the West or indeed the South, North and far East!!  We would never hear a European leader state that they are taking action in the name of their personal faith, be that Christian, Hindu, Buudhist or any other. In fact, should any suggest that they act in the name of their faith, they would be replaced by their party without delay.

If Saudi financed the 9/11 attacks as a political act, many would have understood their actions as abhorent as it was, yet by placing it firmly in the name of Islam they have destroyed any hope of Islam and its followers being seem as anything other than extremists and potential killers.

Why do Leaders that claim to be Muslim, although too commonly only when it suits them (Saddam Hussein), bring the faith into question time after time through acts of blatent terror?

Erdogan, a Muslim? When it suits him.

What true Muslim would deal with Islamic States' massive oil trade, with the full knowledge of its origins and the use of their income from Turkey?

What true Muslim would be hiding away $120,000,000 in cash, from corruspition and theft?

What true Muslim would denegrade women to the standards of  'know your place'?

The questions would go on, but the facts speak for themselves with Erdogan.

You can be the criminal that you are along with your entire family, but DO NOT do it in the name of Islam...PLEASE.

Bilal Erdogan has been placed as a form of Heir. Yet he has clearly shown to be akin to a farcical character in the best of British theatrical comedies. Inept, idiotic and a buffoon! Though extremely wealthy without a job!

He has just bought a $35 milion oil tanker, his 5th. Oh yes, what is his job? we know daddy earns $50,000, but we don't actually know what Bilal does, legally?

He is still under investigation in Italy, after the Bologna public prosecutor opened a file on 35 year old  Bilal Erdogan, following official  allegations that he transported large amounts of money into Italy last September for 'cleansing'.  The claim was made by the political dissident and Turkish businessman Murat Hakan Uzan, whose brother Cem Uzan founded Turkey’s Youth Party.

Bilal Erdogan defended his presence in Italy,  with his family, as resuming his PhD studies at the Bologna campus of America’s Johns Hopkins University, which he began in 2007.

His name surfaced in 2013 in connection with a graft scandal that hit the AKP and senior Turkish government officials. It also produced a documentary with recordings of father and son discussing the urgency of making a physically huge amount of cash disappear, or the president said…. 'Zero'.

It also included such comical moments where Bilal mentioned 30 million in cash still being in his presence and his father reminding him not to talk on the phone openly!  Then telling him they are monitored and talking of money again!

Turkish prosecutors were investigating an alleged money laundering scheme designed to bypass United States-led sanctions on Iran. They ordered the arrest of 52 people in December 2013 and went on to accuse 14 high ranking people of bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering and gold smuggling.

President Erdogan is taped making arrangements to try and have the investigations stopped by sacking the 2 prosecutors. One month after the public arrests, the prosecutors were dismissed and the investigations ceased.

With the investigations over the laundering of $1 BILLION, one would have thought that it would occupy most of the Erdogan family to lock down loose ends and dig deep the physical cash which could be used as ‘fake investments’ Bilal suggested. Yet, that is just one political stream of corruption which the Erdogans have in play.

Bilal has been heading the Crude Oil trade with Islamic State for the past 3 years also. A man completing a PhD, possibly to give himself credibility, he also runs a shipping company with 5 oil tankers so far, the latest a $35 million acquisition.

Estimates of stolen crude oils bought by the Erdogan's, range vastly, but have a baseline minimum of $80 million each month, rising to estimates of $240 - $400 million. However, very little of this can be accounted for (hence Bilal's unmonitored oil tanker fleet).

Fortunately Erdogan has a new best friend, Saudi Arabia, or more accurately King Salman. And here we come full circle as both men are Sunni Muslim and Erdogan is a great fan of the Wahhabi Sunni Islam following which the Saudis have supported and promoted since the 18th century. Wahhabi has been described as a puritan form of Islam without exceptions of understanding given to those that do not follow the faith as they interpret for it to be followed.

In addition to this extreme form of shared Islam, Turkey buying and transporting thousands of road oil tankers laden with crude oil across the borders and into Turkey, bought exclusively from ISIL / Islamic State who have become business partners with the Erdogans, is a boost to Saudi Arabia who established the terror group themselves. It matters not what they are called, Daesh, Isis, Isil, Islamic State or any other name they decide to use this week, they remain the child of the Saudi royals, who are pleased that their baby is now such an important part of the Erdogan movement to 're-Islamise' Turkey according to Saudi interpretations.

What the Saudis have which the Turks lack, is oil and the power of military trade!

Yes, oil can be bought from other markets, no problem. However, the levels of military spending in the US and the UK  especially, is what makes the difference. With the raging Yemen war, the supplies alone of armaments is a market that the UK does not wish to jeopardise by criticising Saudi actions.

Such power Turkey lacks, to the extent that 7 NATO members have been openly commenting on expelling Turkey.

----We have seen the problems of other criminals such as in Columbia, where the cash based drugs business were keeping their incomes on pallets moved by fork-lift trucks.

One million dollars in $100 bills weighs 22 pounds and f100_millio_dollarsills a standard plastic shopping bag.

Impossible to bank without being flagged by the banks.

Burying is a popular option in done well, and can last up to 10 years

$100 million would look like    

One image which remains, is when I was invited to join an elite group of special forces in southern America, entering the compound of a 'drug-Lord' which had been captured and secured earlier that morning, we entered a basement where 3 x 40 foot containers were buried. The house was built over the containers 68 feet below ground level. Each container was filled with cling film wrapped dollars packed into blocks approximately one metre square. 2 containers were empty but had been packed, I discovered that just 3 days earlier they were all loaded full. The cash contained in the filled container was just under $900 Million.

Cash is bulky, yet untraceable. The only question that follows a large amount of cash is -  "where did it come from?" this is the only question any legal official can ask.

Popular methods of transferring or cleansing cash, is to buy diamonds and other high value jewels which retains in core value. Buying a bracelet with diamonds, should only be done where the core materials retain their dismantled value. There is no point in buying a million dollar bracelet if the broken down elements - jewels + gold or platinum, is not worth 80% min of the total value. Buying art, masters and nothing modern or fashionable, is another popular route, especially where a $40 million painting will only increase in value ($8 million to $72 million in 22 months in one instance).

Cash and gold are not a smart choice. Yet cash is the only regular option for your criminals like Erdogan and Islamic State. Which forces you to include others in your activity and hence the Erdogan family, from sons to daughters and son in law.

The release via YouTube of audio recordings in which President Erdogan was allegedly heard telling his son to urgently get rid of tens of millions of dollars ignited a political firestorm and became a firm reason to hate social media, which he couldn't control or even influence.

Erdogan has claimed the recordings were falsified, although several experts have contradicted that and stated that they are original and true recordings of the two men.

President Erdogan reacted to the accusations by dismissing police officers, prosecutors and judges. Such professions have become aware that any questioning which even leads to possible finger-pointing at the president, will result in themselves being dismissed or prosecuted.

Telephone recordings between president Erdogan and son Bilal

Turkish - no translation

Telephone recordings between president Erdogan and son Bilal - ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Listen to the entire film or skip to start of father son ‘hide the tens of millions’ starting at  10.50

The complaint filed this week (Feb 2016) with the Bologna prosecutor by Mr Uzan’s lawyer, Massimiliano Annetta, claims that €1bn (£779m) is still unaccounted for as a result of the corruption, according to reports.

The biggest problem for Turkey is that there is no visible political opposition to place the brakes on Erdogan running riot.

Erdogan alleged surprise at the coup. Yet the list of 80,000  police, teachers, professors, managers, military officers, judges, journalists all named individually, dismissed or arrested, went into full swing the very next day of the alleged coup, HOW?  If it were not pre-planned, how could a list of 80,000 be established within 18 hours of the start of the alleged coup?

Erdogan vilifies Europe and what it represents, then tries to blackmail the EU into giving free access for travellers without visas. Europe has many problems, but at least there are countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia to mention but 3, which have taken the required action to secure its borders in support of its own citizens. Had they allowed Germany to dictate, Turkey would have flooded Europe not by Syrian, Pakistani and Afghan refugees, but the very same people yet holding Turkish passports. It is alleged that 4 million non Turks would have been given nationality status along with passports, just so long as they all remained in Europe to cause social problems and conflict.

Is it any wonder that Europe showed no support to Erdogan? He represents the worst of every aspect of leadership, with no democratic understanding whilst constantly waiving the democratic flag and professing to be the best example of a democratic leader.

It really is laughable, how could it be anything else?

The only question awaiting an answer is, "when will the people awake"