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The History of Islam


Do not confuse Website & Content with Domain Name & Domain name ownership

Silent Waters llc have been contracted for site maintenance and domain PHN

February 2017

Due to overwhelming international complexities of jurisdiction and variations of laws therein, the company 'Silent Waters llc' have taken steps to ensure security of content which appears on domains owned or managed by Silent Waters llc under contractural agreement.

What this means in plain English.

1. Silent Waters llc may own outright domains.

2. Domains can be sold outright to third parties or can be leased for a set length of term or ongoing by monthy, quarterly or other term agreement.

3. Silent Waters llc does not edit, contribute or publish articles, editorials and comments, images, pictues and diagrams, or enter into any correspondence of site content.r

4. Silent Waters llc own or manage numerous high value domains above $1,000,000 and some valued well above $2,000,000. These domains represent an investment which may exceed the budgets of certain organisations, in which case the leasing of the domain is the prefered method of acquiring the sole use of the domain and domain name.

5. The security to clients and principles, remains in the overall value of the company managed domains which are valued independently and regularly to take into account both the domain and business associated value. As of November 2016 this was $14.8m. This valuation will exceed the $16million mark in April 2017. Hence, as Silent Waters llc is securely held by its private owners and has been for many years, all domains owned and managed are secure. Additional security is awarded by the knowledge that an $8million takeover offer from the far east was rejected by Silent Waters llc owners in 2014.


Until June 2016, we experienced no issues relating to leased domains. Since June however, we have been forced to change our policy on leased and managed domains pertaining to Copyright and material ownership both published and researched.

This has been due to the success of leased domains which are solely related to the leased domain name.

1. The leased domain name becomes linked to the content under published content and cannot easily cleanse itself with the associated domain name and content including SEO.

2. The content becomes solely associated with the domain name and thus cannot be moved without destroying the published content, reputation and business.

3. Since June 2016, all content published on leased domains, becomes the property and right of the domain name to 100% levels.

3.1 This means that all content, research and databases associated with the website and thus the Domain, becomes the property of the Domain.

3.2 Since June 2016 the company Silent Waters llc applied this change to al leased domains.

This change also brings the issue of copyright directly to the domain name and registered under GCP as such.

3.3 The liability, design, management and promotions of the content and any relative item relating to the content of the website, of any leased domain name remains the sole responsibility of the leasee. Silent Waters llc accepts no liability for published material on any leased site

This does not change the fact that absolutely NO input is made by the Silent Waters llc into any aspect of content or management.

Silent Waters llc is a business of domain ownership, development, management and sales. We are always willing to listen to proposals.

The company, registered in 2008, is 100% owned and has a clean finance and credit rate.


With privacy being of utmost importance, no details are ever divulged and are protected by internnational laws and laws governing Wyoming USA, in which jurisdiction Silent Waters llc is a registered company.

Leased domains are excluded due to activity in values over immediate time scales and cannot be used to accurately reflect overall value.

With the security provided, we can assure all our customers as the company will not be partially sold to interested investors, the privacy they enjoy will continue.

Holding numerous high value and exceptional domain names at several registrars, it gives comfort in security that such large cash offers can be rejected in the financial climate of 2016. Yet with some leased domains currently flourishing, the value of the leased domains has been increasing exponentially.

We wish everyone success.

This email is purley for corporate contact and not for any single domain reference.


Please do not ask or expect individual leased or previously owned domain details to be provided or exposed. Everything that is sold or leased is a private issue between Silent Waters llc and the new owners and leasees. The 8 years of trading has created a ‘sealed’ structure, the value is the whole. Breaking any part of this would damage our reputation and the 8 years of trading domains as a small private company. There is no doubt that some parties would like to own particular domains owned by the company. However, so long as the company is in present ownership at 100%, these are all safe and secure.

January 10th 2017   -  Corporate affairs including investments           -  General affairs of domains

Do not contact us for website content or website related issues. We have no input to content and maintain security and integrity of domain issues.


The History Of Islam (com)

Ownership held:06-01-17 with secured privacy guaranteed and 4pg security

Term perpetual. Guaranteed on renewal for 2 x 1/4 with security of 20% of agreed independent valuation with Silent Waters llc at 18% fixed.

External Offers (March 2016 US $420,000)

Valuation criteria closed and private, indi assett mngr.

Last offer pre sale EU €845,000 (Oct 2016)

Negotiated by Silent Waters llc guaranteed secure.

Domain ownership remains with Silent waters llc under private contract.

The domain name CANNOT be sold or leased to other parties in part or whole, without the PCA between Silent Waters llc and its principle being directed to the principle. This is secured with the value of the domain guaranteed and currently at the purchase price.

Only Silent Waters llc can make technical changes to the Domain, but has NO input whatsoever to the ‘website’. Domain control includes the option to suspend any website within 1 hour.

Security is further provided to all clients of Silent Waters llc through the overall value of ALL domains owned valued independently at $14.8 million.


Complete Privacy is guaranteed.

This is of particular value when local laws are under control of individuals or;

1.The established judiciary.

2. The Judiciary supports political powers irrespective of the citizens.

Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh all share the dubious reception of the judiciary being non independent .

At point of sale, Silent Waters llc revokes and surrenders all links and control to the particular domain, including but not limited to copyright.

Please could all visitors to HTTP://, ensure that they send their emails, social media and comments, directing and only to the website itself.

We manage the domain name seperately as an assett aquired in excess of $1.6m.

The website content is seperate from the domain name entirely and can be sold as a seperate entity, whilst the content cannot exist outside of this particular domain name. As such, it must be made clear at all levels that we at Silent Waters llc, have NO editorial input nor management influence over the content of the actual website.

Should you have interest in either the domain name or any aspect of the domain name, you should contact us directly on the above contact emails only.

Should you have any other interest in the actual website at anyy level, DO NOT contact us, but use the site contact emails.

20,000+ emails per month makes it essential for this clarity.