What the Erdogans’ of Turkey don’t want people to think about, let alone know!

Let us show you what really is happening



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Erdogan states in TV broadcast that;

No Muslim family  should consider birth control or family planning ”




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By Nick Squires - Rome


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It is neither unusual nor unexpected to find a degree of corruption with nations bordering the West, usually to a lesser degree if only because they wish to be treated with equeal respect and taken to be a true elected leader of their people.

So imagine how good it was to be proven wrong! The arrival of Edogan on the political scene has done nothing less than throw the long gathered reputation of Turkey back into the dark ages and the third world levels of criminalities and corruption.

Erdogan did not set up his own NEW party with donations from followers or a loan from his buddies in the Brotherhood. He funded it direct from corrupt dealings at the lowest levels of his political activities before arriving with the keys of the office of Prime Minister and then President.  

Each country has a different level of importance given to President and Prime Minister, with some the Presidents’ role holds no power but represents a figure-head position. To Erdogan, both served a purpose and both would give him lessons in controlling the judiciary and enforcement agencies, all of which are now tightly under the thumb of Erdogan and making a mockery of laws and procedures.

With his son Bilal, the Erdogans have smuggled stolen oil on an industrial scale, traded with the terror group ISIL / ISIS and even protected them from military attacks, all to earn themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. He has prevented any state investigations from being conducted against him, he has closed down major newsprint and broadcast outlets that dared to criticise his corrupt dealings and closed down over 84 established media outlets that had anything critical to say about his dealings as a politician.

It is a sad case that from the barbarity of the Ottoman empire, to a developing nation being taken as equals in trade and general fields world-wide, Erdogan has dragged Turkey backwards and to a Saudi-style state where his word is law! But worse than that, he has begun to suggest all his actions are as a devote Muslim... No Mr Erdogan, it’s because you are a crook!

Goodbye from Europe, Erdogan was forced to create his FAKE COUP, just as we at TheHistoryofIslam.com predicted he would need to do 4 months prior to it being launched. Nothing like a conflict against the state to gather patriotism from those unable to see facts!

We thought we’d share the views on Erdogan and his crooked family from global news outlets, ones Erdogan has NO control over. They can’t ALL be wrong!

The World-Wide press agree with one thing..

President Erdogan of Turkey IS taking the Nation backwards into a dark and primitive era of Islamic barbarism and not of enlightenment!

Goodbye Ataturk secularism, development and trade....Welcome Saudi Wahhabism

March 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has for over a decade as prime minsiter and now president, sought to gain increasing powers unto his office and control.

Following the alleged coup….dramatised as an escape by the president in some heroic form from helicopters and soldiers flying down on ropes, none of which can be confirmed - AND his private plane being followed by 2 fighters yet not shooting him down?  THEN, the latest question which refuses to go away;

Erdogan alleged surprise at the coup. Yet the list of 80,000 police, teachers, professors, managers, military officers, judges, journalists all named individually, dismissed or arrested, went into full swing the very next day of the alleged coup, HOW?  If it were not pre-planned?



What becomes such a stumbling block with Turkey, is understanding how a country that went from a murderous rule under the Ottoman Empire, through to a highly praised secular state developed by the founding father of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who to thos day is considered ‘Father of Turks’ , is now, under Erdogan, marching at full speed back to a barbaric Islamic state.

Add to this mystery of misunderstanding, the Erdogan position of ‘victim’, forever he has placed both himself and Turkey in the role of victim. Underlined by claims of ant-Islam opposition being the enemy from the West, yet at the same time wanting to be part of the West with alll of its benefits.

It was in September 2016 that his true aims were made clear in a private meeting at which he clarified his position of spreading the Wahhabi sect of Islamic barbarity throughout Europe (the same as many Muslims who live in peace in the West, escaped from) by opening borders and handing out official papers with which any Turk would be able to travel freely, then either dissapear into the existing Muslim communities or flood government offices with asylum applications.

One other ruse Erdogan has used is what we call CIHH. This is where we develop or find a group of extremists who are then locked up and tortured etc. Although they are not! But by showing that they had their beloved Human Rights had been encroached upon, European liberal incompetance will flow into full force to ensure that the group will be given Asylum and protection from their own citizens once their true colors are shown.

England’s citizens have recognised the daangers (Brexit), France, Greece and Italy are soon to join.

“ it’s like the wild west in 19th century USA..yeeha”

 Said one high ranking German diplomat


With new pipelines completed at Iraqi expense, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) were legally not the owners of crude oils pumped, as Kurdistan has no control over natural reserves, and will not do so until, or if, they gain full autonomy if not independence from Iraq (which Turkey will never allow).

With no legal rights, the KRG had millions of barrels worth of crude in their control. At that point, legality becomes no more than a word. The only requirement needing a solution was finding buyers for the crude which amounted to one large tanker every two days.

Erdogan is using religion as a tool and weapon in a country which has for decades lived as a Secular Nation as founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The History of Islam through TheHistoryOfIslam.com, follows not the usual levels of ABC Islam, but the actual historical development of the faith as used in the 20th century. How it was, what is was, is fuel for manipulation according The History of Islam, this is fact, reality, so, what can we see of Islam today?

With Baghdad threatening to sue any buyer. Large oil companies - including Exxon Mobil and BP, having billions of dollars worth of joint projects with Baghdad, backed away wisely. Yet this same narrowing market presented even greater possibilities for people such as the Erdogans’, people without scruples or morality.

June 2016

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