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The Chilcot Report into the alleged illegal war with Iraq



The war against Iraq in 2003 led by the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and headed by President George Bush, was a war against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

The USA had funded and traded with Iraq since Saddam Hussein became president, arming and providing chemicals for weapons against Iran. They had no problems with the alleged human rights abuses of Saddam Hussein and profited in $Billions whilst the USA were able to exact a degree of control over Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

The wish to go to war with Iraq was two-fold.

Firstly to replace Saddam Hussein and introduce a puppet government that would enable full control over oil production to be in USA hands.

Secondly, the neighbours of Iraq, namely Saudi Arabia and their allies of Kuwait and Gulf States had long wished to takes control over Iraq and its immense oil reserves.

Using American greed with the prospect president Bush  being seen as a hero, and not as turned out to be the case of a ‘war criminal’, was an intoxicating mix.

The victim inevitably would be the truth.

American security agencies had failed time after time to prove their case for war, whilst the American system allowed the president to wildly launch a war without checks.

Coup d'éta - Tony Blair as money hungry friend



Tony Blair was the Labour prime minister of the United Kingdom at the time of the Iraqi events.

The labour party is a socialist movement which following years of being unelected into power, selected Tony Blair who was a labour prime minister, to be the party leader and thus elected as prime minister.

To achieve his election, he surrendered all labour and socialist policies and tenets, in effect lying to get elected. It was said at the time that there was ZERO difference between the conservative and the labour parties and Blair renamed the party New Labour.

The emotional frenzy flowing through the labour movement after their election, blinded totally the elected members of parliament to the reality that Tony Blair was undertaking cross many fields of social and political policies.

The coup d'éta for the USA came when Bush met privately with Blair to discuss Iraq and Saddam Hussein, which under English laws was improper.

The result was that Bush and Blair colluded to lie and misrepresent the facts as they were known. Primarily because there were NO grounds for launching and invasion or military actions of any type.  Parliament was lied to, however, more damaging was the very fact that the media and general public saw that any action would be illegal and unjust, yet over 600 elected members of parliament blindly accepted the lies of Blair and his cabinet.

Tony Blair was eventually thrown out of government to become a multi million pound recipient of funds, yearly, from the Arab Gulf.

Union Jack stars and stripes USA flag

Chilcot Report Summary

9/11 Commission Report

Depite the UK Chilcot report being released,Tony Blair and his cohorts continue to flourish, just goinng to prove that being war criminals and political conmen ‘does pay’.

Tony blair lies and lied all just to line his own pockets. The only justice which has been realised, is that he is known now officialy as the liar everyone accused him of being which PM.

Despite the release of the ‘missing’ 28 pages, there are thousands of documents it is believed to be held by the FBI and CIA, which go to prove just how the SAUDI Royals and SAUDI government were intrinsic to the New York 9/11 attacks. Evidence of the Florida connection had been redacted (edited - blacked/whited over - made so that it cannot be seen/read). The families of the victims have come to realise and accept that their own governments, from Bush to Obama, have been active in ensuring that no investigations and prosecutions could be made against the Saudi government.


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