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Brief snapshot of September 2016 security activities

Security applications and processes are specific to the site which has received hack attempts indirectly via ftp etc since August. As a result, there are permanent backup servers used to contain this site at alternative locations which can be activated within 90 minutes should the original site be hacked and made unusable.  Malicious activities include any actions not undertaken by the site managers or permitted by them.  Only the site manager has access permissions for uploading details as provided by all contributors around the world. Following the arrest of one contributor in Egypt, the necessity to isolate server access became policy.

This website is currenty barred / banned by 3 countries in the middle-east.


It has been decided to not maintain certain social media outputs such as Twitter.

As at September 8th 2016, there were 9,016 official folllowers of After the murder of a Twitter user in Lebanon, killed for sharring a critical drawing which mocked Isis, the number of registered Twitter users marked as following went down to 600+.

We published an article to ALL our Social Media followers NOT to risk using any Social Media platforms to share any of our content, IF their own personal details would be included and thus place them at risk from the LUNATIC and DELUDED branch of the Muslim faith commonly funded by the Saudi Royals across the world. have never relied or fully used social media other than for seo use. There would be no reason for any visitor to use SM rather than using the site direct.  The majority of our visitors in the Middle-East, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia etc, use the site directly and have litttle need for the fanciful and at times pointless platforms of social media. Social Media has become the tool of choice for the terrorists as was suggested by Israel. It has also become the main platform for Muslim criminals uploading their rants and absurd imagery, a long way from what SM was intended for. The History Of Islam .com is too important to rely on using social media, which really has become the tool for those with a 20 second attention span and gossip-mongers!


The history of Islam has become unintentially a minor focus for politicians across the world. We are extremley pleased that we have gained readers from policy makers in governments, with contacts being made directly for details of our articles and those as yet unpublished. Names of such persons are NEVER stored online or with complete and real names.   It is possitive however that the UK has continued to determine the validity of arms lincencing to Saudi Arabia in light of their terror funding activities and many other aspects highlighted in this site, which was also underlined by the Obama veto being overturned.  Ironically Saudi Arabia still believes that paying fortunes to lobbyists to change policy, against the wishes of any electorate (like a private access club), will still work. While facts about Saudi Arabia and 9/11 + human rights abuses + Islamic terror financing +++ will simply be ignored.  WRONG..   

This site alone has increased readership from the USA by 11,000% from August to September. Despite being in English language, our German , Czech Rep, Italian and Hungarian visitor access has increased to a notable level marked further by the levels of actual email contacts being made.

REACH: had in November 2016 been banned in 2 Middle East nations. By January 2017 the blocking of the site had reach a geo region covering 7 nations.

We have been unable to find out why the site is banned / barred, and have contacted those blocking the site, with no response or willing interaction.

We have taken action to relay the site to visitors from those countries / nations via a method which we are unable to disclose. Thank you to all that have contacted us for the accessibility of the site from those regions, we trust you will all now have access. New visitors must of course rely upon making contact with us for arrangements to be made.


01/17 = 27,087,232

02/17 = 27,487,960