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turkey_in_terrorism turkey_in_terrorism

Turkey lies at the cross-roads to Europe geographically as well as for traffic by road and is perfectly placed for sea transport into Europe.

As has been demonstrated, Islamic terrorism and extremism has ‘walked’ across the Turkish borders by their thousands. The sea ports have been a perfect cross-load point for known extremist supporting businesses and states, to move their cargos onto ‘European’ vessels with recognised flag protections.

Quoting a border police official ‘you can get anything into Erdogan’s Turkey if you pay the right man and transferring onto a Turkish registered vessel  will give them global access without monitoring’

Moving on to the 20th century, Turkey had made serious attempts to rectify their reputation and become seen as an acceptable part of European contact, which they had managed to achieve relatively successfully.

However, welcome Recep Tayyip Erdogan as elected President, and the venture of Turkey being a successful and independent country, respected and opinions valued, DIED.

It is NO secret that Turkey has NEVER had a real chance of becoming part of the imploding European Union. Despite 2 decades of Turkey constantly insisting that their application to join be taken seriously. However, the singular issue holding back the overall, not specific, overall application, is the image in which Turkey has shrouded themselves for the past centuries.

It is the people, the citizens that will cast their votes for the direction of the EU to take. It make NO difference if Germany or France or any other member signs a piece of paper in favour of Turkey, because they will, it is guaranteed, not be in power as a result, following the next elections.

The EU was supposed to belong to the people. Yet following the British vote it has been shown as not being the case. The fact that he politicians misread, or did not listen to their electorate, proved how far-reaching the process became. It makes no difference what an official, and administrator thinks, if that does not reflect those of the electorate.

As such, Turkey should pay attention not to the vocal commissioners, but to the people, and they say NO, NEVER.

Ever since the The Ottoman Empire was formed in 1299, the barbarity of the people under Islam and their claim to the caliphate, has been well recorded.

Seldom can a nation be found that carries with it the weight of their history and crimes through what many see as a character trait, as does Turkey.

Throughout Europe, especially in Hungary, Austria and the lower nation of Slovakia, the total distrust and hatred towards the Turks is as fresh today as it was 600 years ago.The Turks, as Ottomans, were expelled from Europe despite occupation over several hundred years in some cases.


The Ottoman Empire in 1683

They failed to convert their ruled over ‘hostages’, even when generations were born under the Ottoman rule.

They failed to attract support and co-operation in Hungary for example, where they killed thousands of civilians on a regular basis, to no avail.

The only success that the Ottomans could claim, is to galvanise an unwavering hatred and mistrust of the Turks today. This from even those that no longer live in the region and have not for generations.

The truth is that we can only learn from history and from the demonstration of what is known, not wild accusations. And therein lies the Turkish dilemma….They are untrustworthy, they are barbaric when given the opportunity, they are linked with funding and supporting Islamic terrorism and destroying the peaceful lives of Muslims.

AND they have been found guilty of GENOCIDE against Armenia

Under Article 5 of NATO’s charter, an attack on one member of the alliance could be construed as an attack on the whole group, leading to possible joint retaliation against the offending party.

However, it has been asked as to why Turkey, a country around 2,000 miles to the nearest point of the Atlantic Ocean, is a member of an entity called the

“North Atlantic Treaty Organization” - NATO


Turkey joined NATO in February 1952

Erdogan is no idiot. He knows how to juggle with his background as an Islamic extremist politician and the advantages of being in NATO.  His position is actually similar to that of Tony Blair when he was an MP in the Labour party unelectable to rule as a government. Blair re-branded and re-launched himself, as the messiah of the labour movement whilst throwing ALL their values to the garbage dumps of political history.


Erdogan knew full well that he would never be elected as president with his background, so he detached himself from all connections, and the electorate eventually took the bait.

As with all con-men, the task is not to become that which opens the door, but to simply use the con to get the door open. After which your true colours can be introduced, returning to its comfort as the ‘real you’.

Erdogan is working on the same principle that so many extremists and these days, including Islamists, take as their core driving mission, summed up by a quote by TJS in 2010.

‘What you want to do, is what others need, they just haven't realised that themselves’

‘Erdegan has taken Turkey back to the brink of the dark ages’  suggested a broad article on Saudi Arabian terrorism, ‘he is capable of using his contacts within Isis or Islamic State to have either himself attacked or those close to him, after which he would seem as a knight on white steed’.

It was also suggested that Erdogan would sacrifice without hesitation, anyone, should it reflect well upon himself personally.

Ironically, the coup which we suggested was of his own making, has given him the powers he lacked under democracy.


America understands the region as well as they understood Vietnam - Afghanistan - Iraq - Libya - Syria etc

President Erdogan takes 4th step in the 8 step plan.

1. Develop personal wealth through illegal


2. Destroy Kurdish democratic movement from developing.

3. Increase control over country in the

name of democracy.

4. Eliminate opposition risk.

Islamic_State_smuggles_Oil_to_President_ERDOGAN Islamic_State_3000_tanker_convoy_Oil_to_President_ERDOGAN Islamic_State_smuggles_Oil_to_President_ERDOGAN Islamic_State_smuggles_Oil_to_President_ERDOGAN

5, 6, 7 and 8 will see Turkey and Saudi choke the region of all democratic nuisances.

One image shows part of a 180 tanker convoy across the Turkish border.

One image shows clearly the Turkish border with Syria packed with trucks.

Another shows 3,000 Islamic State Oil tankers having crossed and parked in Turkey.

The USA says ‘it’s nothing’. Erdogan says it does not exist!

How wonderful to have such friends that turn a blind eye, as they did with SAUDI and 9/11

Islamic_State_smuggles_Oil_to_president_ERDOGAN Islamic_State_smuggles_Oil_to_ally_President_ERDOGAN

Then of course, if it is NOTHING and doesn't EXIST, there is nothing to discuss so….SHHHhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Islamic State are known to make their primary income through oil.

Millions of barrels worth are being transported via road from Iraq and Syria, and across the borders into safe countries. All of this is however ILLEGAL, which then creates opportunities.

Bordering countries have all denied being involved as smuggling by the thousands of trucks is not a one-man-enterprise.

However, as Turkey is accused, the US especially runs to their defence, highlighting AGAIN how little they know of the region.

It is now a known and confirmed fact, that President Erdogan is directly involved with the open-border transportation of Islamic State stolen oil.

Does Europe need such allies?  NO!

Turkey_President_Erdogan_smuggles_Isis_Oil President_Erdogan_buys_Isis_Oil

Is it a mystery?

Turkish air strikes unable to hit ISIS / Islamic State oil convoys travelling to Turkish border and into Erdogans pockets.


NO Problem!

Russian jets hit their targets where the Turks and their allies fail. Islamic State oil sales into Turkey.

Is it a wonder Erdogan hates Putin?

Islamic_State_oil_to_Turkey_Bombed_by_Russia Islamic_State_oil_to_Turkey_Bombed_by_Russia

Long before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was actually elected, he was fighting off accusations that he was 'still' an islamic funamentalist, for which he was better known in his earlier years. Yet he denied the accusations, arguing that they were made to discredit his eletion campaign.

With both leaders being Sunni Muslims, a record must have been set for opulence and paranoia, with 300 Saudi security officialsbeing sent 5 days in advance to Ankara, according to the Saudi 'Guardians'.

Erdogan regularly ignores protocol, and this was no exception. The strict standard is for ALL welcoming ceremonies to be held at the Presidentia Palace, yet Turkish host President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was there on the tarmac, like some lovelorn 'Osmonds' fan wanting to get first glimpse of their Idol.Erdogan_with_ally_Saudi_King

It's understandable fo a special connection to exist, both men have been caught in a 'sinking sand pit' of money and terrorism. Saudi Arabia having developed Isis /  Islamic State, and Turkey refusing to bomb them, whilst still managing to strike Kurdish fighters.

Saudi money funds international terror via 'charitable' giving to mosques and Pakistani Maddrassses from which countless known terrorists have graduated. Erdogan benefits his personal wealth by dealing with Isis, buying their stolen oil and sending trucks loaded with weapons across the borders.

This cooperation is essential, otherwise the dangers of bombing the Saudi 'baby' of Islamic State would be a very real danger. Instead, even Nato have joked that the Turkish airforce is the Islamic State airforce.

Erdogan has become a proponent of cash-savvy foreign policy, and Saudi Arabia innevatably provides the biggest coffers. However, that alone cannot explain the excessive fanfare shown to the Saudi Royal, especiaally since Salman’s accession to the thrown.

Erdogan was and is a Muslim Brotehrhood supporrter, a movement with which the Turkish leadership has much in common. Erdogan sponsored any spark of Muslim Brotherhood-led governments in the post-Arab Spring Middle East and North Africa regions.

The overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in 2011 by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, irritated Erdogan greatly. Moreover, Saudi hostility toward the Muslim Brotherhood and apparent involvement in ousting Morsi presented insurmountable obstacles to any sort of rapprochement between Ankara and Riyadh, but that was under the previous King.

The death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and his replacement by Salman saw the accession of the Sudairi clan of the royal family to key positions in power and led to a new Saudi policy of reconciliation toward the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since Salman’s accession, Ankara-Riyadh relations have developed steadily. In Ankara, the new, increasingly security-obsessed Saudi leadership found the Sunni muscle it lacked against a strengthening Iran.  And when in Riyadh, Erdogan found both an ally for his financial prospects and the backing of a monarch carrying the title of the custodian of the two holy mosques.

Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are heavily involved and working closley in Syria to support the Salafi rebels fighting against the legal government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Saudi Arabia has long been main source of funding anal-Qaeda’s d weapons for the Ankara-backed Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest), a coalition that includes Syrian branch Jabhat al-Nusra and another main Salafi group, Ahrar al-Sham.

In addition to the pompous reception in Ankara, Salman received Turkey's highest award. This was reported aborad as the Turkish highest award was given to a "Saudi despot”

One article read  “The leader of Saudi Arabia … who has one of the worst records of human rights, is given the state's highest medal by President Erdogan. Erdogan praised the leader of a country that is seen as one of the main culprits of the instability in the Middle East, saying that he is the guarantor of regional peace, security, tranquility and stability."

Anyone, especially an elected leader who makees such absurd statements, is either suffering exhaustion and mental illness. The Saudis are neck deep in the 9/11 terror attack and recognised as funding islamic terror across the world.

Erdogan's pampered guest then went to Istanbul to attend the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. A true 'love-in' worthy of California.

It looks almost certain that the Arab monarch is trying to use his new royal position and the purse of the state to mediate between Egypt and Turkey, two major Sunni power centers of the region. If he succeeds, he will have 2 more puppets to manipulate.

Despite Salman's efforts, such a mediation initiative looks bleak. Istanbul hosts the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egyptian parliament in exile, the disbanding of which is more or less essential for any improvement between Cairo and Ankara according to President Sisi. Swallowing pride is not in the nature of Erdogan, who seems adamant that he will not make any steps to placte the Egyptian president in that vital issue.

Another, less highlighted but problematic issue is Erdogan’s interest in the Gaza Strip, something through which he would seek to seal his reputation, although he would need to find one first.

Turkey and Israel have improved their relations, reconciling over Israel's 2010 raid on the Mavi Marmara flotilla.

Extending Turkish influence over Gaza is essential for Erdogan, who wants to resurrect his diminished image in the Muslim world and with Sunni Arabs. However, Erdogan’s interest in Gaza is a touchier subject with Egypt than with Israel. Egypt has always been considered an essential interlocutor when it comes to Gaza. For Israel, maintaining the balance with Egypt and not alienating it, for obvious geopolitical reasons, is as important as improving relations with Turkey.

Though America is an ally, Turkey has been playing a dangerous game in balancing their Nato membership, US alliance and their Saudi proxy and EU aspirations.

Indeed, we can confirm after speaking with several of our high ranking EU sources, that Turkey becoming a member of the EU, is an ‘impossiblity’.

Russia could never deal seriously with Erdogan as he is not only untrustworthy but lacks any credibility as an honourable man, let alone president of a coutry. Although trade will innevitabely fall back in line, the two can never be allies outside of convenience.

The question being asked in dipomatic circles over the past 18 months, and many in NATO are whispering too, is exactly at “what cost Turkey is to NATO?”

A CBS News' "60 Minutes" reported April 10, “In 10 days, President Obama will visit Saudi Arabia at a time of deep mistrust between the two allies, and lingering doubts about the Saudi commitment to fighting violent Islamic extremism.”

The visit comes, CBS reports, “when the White House and intelligence officials are reviewing whether to declassify one of the most sensitive documents” which covers the SAUDI involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

28 pages were redacted, raising the question 'why' if not that it proved Saudi involvment, the same Saudi which is currently the ‘best new friend’ of Turkey, which incidenty is also Sunni Muslim and Erdogan is an admirer of extremist Wahhabism born in Saudi.

However, even when released, nobody believes it will actually show what others say is did in the original report. Claiming it will innevitably be edited.

The problem Erdogan faces is that he needs friends, and money. Unfortunately, when you are Erdogan, your choice of friends is very, very limited.

King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan

Best of friends with the new Saudi king. A fellow Sunni Muslim with unlimited wealth which he can call upon . Erdogan is a known smuggler and arms trader with ISIS / DAESH, the child of Saudi Arabia.

Erdogan’s personal wealth and that of his family have grown hugely, all without any rightful justification compared to his pre-presidential status.

The wealth of his family includes his son, who is growing a shipping business (coincidence?) With 5 ships so far and apparently 4 oil tankers in the plans.

Look…Anyone can build a business. However, if you are in a position of power, and you and your family are becoming wealthy through work both “not connected” to your position and not connected to any talents you may have held, then of course the wealth is coming via your office which is that of the people.

Yet Erdogan is not being accused of such minor details which inevitably fall with office whether you are Turkish or American or British. What he IS accused of is major involvement with Islamic State, as a buyer of their oil, supplier of weapons and materials for war, and protector of their fighters by avoiding their bombing AND striking their enemies the KURDS.

King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan

To these accusations, Erdogan has no plausible defence.

But why would he need one? His best new friend, his BFF as some have called him, is none other than the new King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, of Saudi Arabia.

King_Salman_bin_Abdul_Aziz_Al_Saud_with Erdogan

Showing off your power and wealth is only ever as effective as the ego of the welcoming statesman.

King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is no exception, his 500 Mercedes arriving in Turkey in advance of the Saudi King, was a sign and precursor to the ingredients of Middle East sectarian conflict which both nations have plundered, funded and profited from.


1. Erdogan's son owns 5 ships plus a news $35 million shipping oil tanker.

2. Erdogan's son-in-law was made Energy Minister.

3. One of Erdogan's staunchest and loyal allies has been re-appointed Transport Minister.

4. The head of MIT (Turkey's intelligence service) is loyal to Erdogan and not the Prime Minister as he should be, but to Erdogan.

5. All prosecutors, who might be charged with investigating smuggling, are now under the direct control of Erdogan.

6. Erdogan once said of the journalists who reported on an illegal convoy of weapons being sent into Syria.

"They will pay the price for printing this story"

2 journalists that reported on the Erdogan illegal weapon convoy, are now being charged with treason and terrorism. Erdogan has ensured that no journalists will ever cover a story like this again, and remain free.

Whilst none these facts do not suggest that he or his family are involved in trading oil with Isis, the facts are that they are. There are no security forces or administrative agencies to monitor the borders, that are not under Erdogan control.

It is a fact that Erdogan, his family and cronies are deeply involved with Isis, making millions of profit directly into their personal coffers!

Read our forthcoming pages on Erdogan, Saudi Arabia and their profiting on terror

Oil Route to Profit Who Says Genocide?



When you organise it yourself !!

It was suspicious from the start. Erdogan needed the kind of focus from the citizens that only a war or security threat to one’s nation can provide. A time when patriotism becomes rife and worn on the sleeve proudly. At such times, the merest of doubting question will result in immediate accusations of being unpatriotic and a traitor.

Erdogan said that the plotters had tried to attack him at the resort town of Marmaris and had bombed several locations where he had been just minutes earlier.One official said;

He "evaded death by minutes"

Another official source went on to explain how 25 soldiers descended on ropes from helicopters, shooting and shouting instructions, again just minutes after Erdogan had left. Although no independent source could back up the claims, there is little reason to doubt the incident, surely?

According to REUTERS news agency;

• A senior Turkish official confirmed to Reuters that Erdogan's business jet had been harassed while flying from the airport that serves Marmaris by two F-16s commandeered by the coup plotters but that he had managed to reach Istanbul safely.

"At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan's plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul. They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him," a former military officer with knowledge of the events told Reuters.

"Why they didn't fire is a mystery," he said.

So not only was the coup prevented, but the single action by which a coup is regarded as having been of success, the capture or elimination of the present leader, was neither captured NOR killed when the opportunity presented itself without difficulty whatsoever.

Military advisors that we have spoken to find the entire incident “suspicious”. In our opinion it was suspicious and not a coup attempt but a straight-forward political manoeuvre by President Erdogan himself. Indeed, he achieved the level of power he sought 14 years ago when en-route to becoming prime minister before president. Any political opposition is reflected as ‘anti-Turkish’ in the waves of jingoism being forced onto the streets.

“It is a frightening time” said a journalist, a profession that Erdogan has destroyed under the guise  of security. Not too dissimilar to the US Patriotic Act under which free speech has become a common reason to claim security risks.

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